Our Vision, Purpose and Our Values

Captivite Consulting exists to create prosperity in our world.

Vision and values
Our vision is to enable prosperity for all within our lifetime. We will achieve this by fostering and empowering employee ownership, motivation and engagement while creating value for our clients and stakeholders.

Our Core Values are:
  • - Passion – we not only enjoy what we do but our clients love us for the interest we show in their business.
  • - Courage – we work within the dictates of the law and are brave enough to seek the clients and experiences that are of value to our staff.
  • - Positivity – we exude confidence in what we do creating a warm and upbeat culture wherever we work.
  • - Creativity – we seek to thoroughly understand business issues and problem in order to design innovative solutions.
  • - Dependability – our staff support each other in a visible way when serving clients and our clients know that we keep our promises in what we say and do.
  • - Consistency – we provide quality services in all projects regardless of the team structure. We perform at a superior level at all times.